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Michelle and James Wedding at Priston Mill, Near Bath

18 Apr 2016 Posted by Paul in Our Blog, Wedding

We only photographed Michelle and James engagement shoot the week before and they were both so relaxed about the wedding.  When it finally came around to the wedding day itself again they were both so chilled out. The weather was absolutely fantastic all day for the wedding and both Michelle and James looked gorgeous (going to have beautiful kids)!!! Click here for all the photos.

Lisa & Adam Wedding in Bristol

11 Feb 2016 Posted by Paul in Our Blog, Wedding

Well it certainly was the worst weather we have ever had to shoot a wedding in. Although we were happy to go out and brave the weather understandably Lisa (the Bride) wasn’t so happy to go out in the hurricane wind and driving rain. Nevertheless, the day went so smoothly and everyone seemed to have a great time. Both Adam and Lisa were such a joy to photograph and had a fun time in the couple of hours we were there. Click here for all the photos.